About the Firm

Schmitz, Schmidt & Anderson offers a unique combination of personalized, integrated, and reasonably priced legal advice. It is not only our knowledge of elder law, but also our experience dealing with the challenges that face all of us as we or our loved ones age or become disabled that enables us to help our clients develop personalized plans to deal with these challenges.

The common thread among the services offer at Schmitz Schmidt & Anderson is putting our clients in a position to make good decisions. We believe the more informed our clients are, the better decisions they will be able to make.

One of our first jobs is to show our clients the many options they have and the implications of each of them.

We guide clients through the steps they decide to take, prepare the legal documents and structure the transactions to conform with individual needs and the law. We prepare the required legal forms and represent our clients and their interests before government and medical care agencies.

Schmitz Schmidt & Anderson provides individualized advice on how to preserve the independence, dignity and rights of each of our clients. In addition to experienced attorneys, our staff includes a licensed social worker who is very helpful to clients, particularly in the area of medical assistance. We also have a Certified Public Accountant in the office on a regular basis to help our clients analyze the tax consequences of possible actions.

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